Author: Paige Byrne

Next level security – with Microsoft Authenticator

All businesses should constantly review ways to increase the security of personal and business data. That’s why we recommend Two-factor authentication. Let’s take a look at how Microsoft Authenticator could enhance the security of your accounts. Giving your users peace of mind when they are logging in. What is Authenticator? The Microsoft Authenticator app makes…
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Meet our new COO – helping to enhance your customer experience

We’ve been reflecting on how we can continue to deliver excellent customer service and support our growing team. As a result, we’re delighted to announce that Mike Roberts has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Freestyle TS and Freestyle IT. Many of you will know Mike. He’s been a part of the Freestyle family for 20 years, most recently as our Technical Director.  In his new…
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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams – Updates to improve the way you communicate

Microsoft are always looking at ways to improve their Teams App, which results in regular updates. Our Techies have put together the most relevant, to help you make the most of the App! Make sure to check back here regularly, so you can keep up to date with the latest Teams updates & functionality from…
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Plan your day better with Microsoft 365 To Do

Say goodbye to your notebooks and hello to Office 365 To Do. The new place to put your reminders and lists, all in one place. Consolidate your notes and access them from anywhere, whether you are in the office, at home, or on the go. What you need to know about To Do So, you…
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Tech Tips

Our Tech Tips – Make your working day more efficient

Big or small we are always looking for ways to make your day that little bit easier. Our Freestyle TS Techies have helped to create this series of Tech Tips. Why not try them all and see how they can make your working day run smoothly? Look our for new Tips weekly as part of…
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Virtual Desktop Guide image

Your Complete Guide to Virtual Desktop

As more of us expect hybrid and remote working to become a permanent part of our lives, so the need for a robust solution, ensuring that you can stay productive and protected from cyber threats, is becoming more vital. So, what is the answer? Introducing… the Virtual Desktop! So…what is a Virtual Desktop? A Virtual…
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Office 365 Planner image

Work Better Together with Office 365 Planner

Are you in need of a collaborative space? Somewhere you can work with colleagues and stay updated on your team’s progress. Take a look at Office 365 Planner!   We have put together the need to know information, so you can get started in Office 365 Planner:  1. Organize your Planner Create Buckets to help sort out your team’s tasks and remain organized (bucket suggestions below).  Add up to 25 coloured labels to further categorize your tasks. 2.…
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one of our past apprentices, Tim

Where are they now? – Our past Apprentices

We have always been advocates of Apprentices here at Freestyle. Through our years of trading, we have aided many young people at the start of their professional journey. Our partnership with Basingstoke ITEC has helped us to deliver quality Apprenticeships, in multiple departments, within our company.   So what are our past apprentices doing now? James completed his IT Engineer Apprenticeship in 2018. He has since achieved multiple vendor accreditations. To expand…
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We’re here for longer – IT Support 8 til 8

We’ve been reflecting on how the way we work has been revolutionised and how technology has helped us facilitate a new set of priorities.  Whether that’s working around other priorities such as home schooling, caring for loved ones, or taking time to exercise. Many of us find ourselves with no ‘fixed’ working hours. With the new ‘Roadmap’ for unlocking and restarting the Economy being announced, it’s…
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Two-Factor Authentication – Protect your Office 365 Account

You’ve probably heard the term Two Factor Authentication (sometimes referred to as Multi-Factor Authentication). You may have even been urged to implement it on your Office 365 Tenant.But what is it and why is it so important?   What is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) works by linking your mobile to your Microsoft Account. When you log in, a verification code is…
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