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Virtual Desktop

  • What's included in our Virtual Desktop Service?

    Our Virtual Desktop Service comes with everything that your users will need. Virtual Desktop allows your team to work effectively and productively, from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. Have a look at our Virtual Desktop feature set.  Request your free 48 hour trial.

  • What is a Virtual Desktop?

    Your familiar Windows 10 Desktop, completely hosted in the Cloud. So, you can work from anywhere, on any device. With no disruption to user experience. Find out more on Virtual Desktops here.

  • What does Windows Virtual Desktop cost?

    Our Managed Services packages deliver Windows Virtual Desktop, making it an affordable option for Small to Medium Businesses. Our Cloud Plans make it easy to find the package that’s right for you. If you can’t find exactly the right fit, then get in touch and we can talk you through the options and advise on what might work best.

  • Is Windows Virtual Desktop designed for big companies?

    Windows Virtual Desktop is completely scalable up or down, to ensure that it delivers for your company, whether you have a team of 15 or 500 users.

  • Is Virtual Desktop aimed at particular industries/sectors?

    Virtual Desktop can revolutionise your working practices whichever industry or sector your company operates within. We have helped customers from a variety of companies realise the benefits. Learn More.

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Why do we use Microsoft Azure?

    Microsoft Azure is the leading Cloud provider. They invest over $1billion annually to ensure your data and services are secure. 

  • IAAS

  • What is IaaS?

    It simply means your infrastructure is provisioned off site, in the Cloud. So, you can say goodbye to storing hardware on site and reduce your capital expenditure. Have a look at our Features page for more information.

  • Helpdesk

  • What are the Freestyle TS Helpdesk hours?

    Our team are on hand to help you from 8:30am-5:30pm. Or, take advantage of our extended IT Support Service and talk to our Engineers from 8am-8pm. Find out more about our Helpdesk Services.

  • How do I contact the Helpdesk out of hours?

    There are several ways you can get in touch.  Customers can log a Support Ticket via our Portal or email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Cloud

  • Where does my data go to in the Cloud?

    When you migrate to the Cloud, your business data is stored securely offsite, in one of Microsoft Azure’s data centres. Microsoft Azure data centres are physical buildings around the globe which house networked computer servers.

  • What is the Cloud?

    The Cloud is a technical term for storing your business data offsite, in a Data Centre, this eliminates the need for infrastructure onsite. You save money on hardware maintenance and reduce capital expenditure, when equipment needs replacing.