Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

SBW Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Empowering Security: Our Partnership in Cyber Essentials Plus Assessment

We are pleased to announce a significant achievement in strengthening our customer’s cybersecurity framework. In collaboration with SBW Advertising, we have successfully completed the Cyber Essentials Plus assessment, a testament to our dedication to protecting digital assets as cyber threats continue to evolve.

Our joint efforts involved a thorough review and improvement of SBW Advertising’s fundamental security protocols, enhancing their defences against potential risks. Our expertise and teamwork led us to not only meet but exceed the rigorous standards set by Cyber Essentials Plus.

This accomplishment highlights our commitment to cybersecurity excellence, giving our clients confidence in the protection and integrity of their data.

A big thank you to SBW Advertising for their continued support. We will continue to focus on advancing our customers’ cybersecurity defences, ensuring robust protection against evolving threats.

Keep an eye out for further updates in the field of cybersecurity.