Enhance your Cyber Security

Enhance your Cyber Security   
Defend your business assets

Our services have increased Cyber Security built in, so we’ve got you covered!

Data makes your business work.

Don’t risk it all by failing to protect against Cyber Threats.

Ransomware attacks are increasing. “Encryption is down, extortion is up.”

“Costs to the organisation of an attack have more than doubled since 2020 – when you take into account downtime, people time, device cost, network cost and lost business”  Sophos State of Ransomware 2021 Report.

The Freestyle TS Solution

We know how important your data is, so, as standard we provide :


Protect your Server & Desktop from common cyber threats.

Stop viruses in their tracks before they can make an impact.

Email Filtering

Prevent spam emails from reaching your inbox.

Reduce the risk of Ransomware infecting your device.

2 Factor Authentication

Enhance security on your accounts by verifying your identity.

Restrict unauthorised access to your files and data.

We partner with Microsoft to protect your data and services.

Multi-layered, built in security controls, from Azure:

    •  Identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats as they increase
        in severity, frequency and sophistication.
    •  Monitor behaviour of users, devices and resources and detect
        anomalies straight away.

Freestyle TS have been our IT providers for a number of years. We are extremely satisfied with the service which they provide.
The response times for our day-to-day requests are very quick. Whilst they offer solutions to fix our problems, they also provide solutions and costings on how we could better our IT service offering and ensure our systems and processes are as efficient and secure as they can be.

Ian Butler, Director of Operations, SBW Advertising

Freestyle TS very quickly found solutions for all our needs, relating to the technical aspects of a regulated financial services business such as ours. They had all the solutions we needed to manage data protection, data security and the wider requirement challenges of our industry.
We fully endorse Freestyle TS and look forward to their continued assistance as our business grows.

Jon Sinclair, Chief Compliance Officer, Viaduct Group Holdings Ltd.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Guard against the most common Cyber Threats allowing you to demonstrate your commitment to Cyber Security, to current and potential customers, with this UK Government backed Accreditation

We can help you become Cyber Essentials Certified. Get in touch to find out how.

Cyber Essentials

This beginners assessment demonstrates your commitment to preventing unwanted attention from Cyber Criminals.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Enhance your security further. This certification provides a more indepth, technical approach to securing your business.

Ensure security when remote working.
Protect your users and your network when using personal devices.

Stay in control of your valuable business data. Get access securely, to whatever you need, wherever you are.

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