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Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot – your Copilot for work

Humans are hard-wired to dream, to create, to innovate. Each of us seeks to do work that gives us purpose — to write a great novel, to make a discovery, to build strong communities, to care for the sick. The urge to connect to the core of our work lives in all of us. But…
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Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

SBW Cyber Essentials Plus Certification Empowering Security: Our Partnership in Cyber Essentials Plus Assessment We are pleased to announce a significant achievement in strengthening our customer’s cybersecurity framework. In collaboration with SBW Advertising, we have successfully completed the Cyber Essentials Plus assessment, a testament to our dedication to protecting digital assets as cyber threats continue…
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Enterprise-ready Microsoft 365 Data Protection

Backup for Microsoft 365 AUTOMATED BACKUP End-to-end automated or on-demand backup of all your M365 data (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Task), SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Office Groups & Teams. Metadata included. ANYTIME / ANYWHERE RESTORE Anytime/anywhere non-destructive restore from any point-in-time, granular level, or across users to any storage (Our Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud Platform). Plus…
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Freestyle IT/TS – Employee Ownership Trust (EOT)

After 20+ years of running Freestyle IT the owner’s (myself, Guy and Amir) of the company have decided that now is the perfect time to step aside and promote a new management team and new ownership of the business. Just before Christmas 2023 we signed over 85% of our shares to an Employee Ownership Trust…
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Cloud Security Best Practices: Your Checklist

As technology continues to evolve and develop, cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular, offering businesses the ability to store and access data remotely, as well as increase collaboration capabilities. Used correctly, cloud solutions can be a great way to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve data security. What Are Cloud Solutions? Cloud solutions are a…
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Ransom vs Phishing: 5 Differences to Look Out For

In the world of cyber security, there are two major threats that every computer user needs to be aware of: ransomware and phishing. Both malicious activities involve hackers attempting to gain access to a computer system or data, but the similarities stop there. While both can put organisation and individuals at risk, understanding the key…
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Why Cloud Computing is Important for Business

As the world of technology evolves, cloud computing is seeing a considerable rise in popularity, and many businesses are now considering this option to increase their efficiency, speed up operations, and reduce costs. Here at Freestyle, we believe that cloud computing is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes – and we have the…
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What is the Future of AI in Cyber Security?

The internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, and with that rise in popularity comes a rise in cyber threats. As these threats become more advanced, so must the solutions used to protect against them. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly critical in this effort as it can automate security processes and provide…
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Remote Working

The Easily Preventable Top 10 Cyber Security Threats

In today’s digital age, now, more than ever, your business should prioritise guarding against the most common cyber threats. Cyber security is vital for protecting all categories of data from theft and damage, so to get you started, we have put together a list of the top 10 most common cyber security threats, and how…
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Cybersecurity for Remote Workers: Best Practices and Tips

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, remote working has rapidly gone from something which was seen as the preserve of a few workers in the IT sector, to something which is now part of the fundamental work pattern for many of us, regardless of where we work. Although a lot of people have…
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