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“In the third quarter of 2022, APWG observed 1,270,883 total phishing attacks, a new record and the worst quarter for phishing that APWG has ever observed.” – Anti-Phishing Working Group report 2022

“Data breach costs rose from $3.86 million to $4.24 million, the highest average total cost in the history of this report” – IBM Cost of a Data Breach report 2022

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Test Your Cyber Security for Vulnerabilities with an Employee Phishing Test

Over 75% of targeted cyber-attacks start with an email.

Every day billions of phishing emails are sent out to unsuspecting businesses around the world. No industry or geographical location is safe, and over 88% of companies are attacked every year. You know the importance of cyber security within your business. You may have a firewall, anti-virus, data security, network security, app security, mobile security, cloud security…but what about the human element?

A Fast, Effective Phishing Test by Freestyle TS

Almost 40% of employees tested globally will fail a phishing test.

The Freestyle TS phishing test is a fast and smart way to discover the effectiveness of cyber security within your workforce, and identify and implement the fixes required to strengthen your cyber security training. Successful phishing attempts not only allow cyber criminals to steal passwords and digital property, but also to install malware, remote access trojans, and ransomware, request fraudulent bank transfers, causing untold damage to your organisation and finances.

Is your business as cyber secure as you think?

CISCO’s Cyber Security Threat Trends report states that at least one person clicked a phishing link in over 85% of organisations during 2021. As the last line of defence against cybercrime, your employees need to be up to date and alert to the signs of a phishing attack.

Do your employees know the key signs of a phishing attempt?

Would your employees know a spear phishing email from whaling?

Could they recognise a clone? Would they know that phishing attempts come in many other forms, not just emails?

The implications of engaging with phishing emails

IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach report 2021 lists data costs rising to $4.24 million, the highest average total cost in the history of the report.

Phish-proof your business with Freestyle TS

Test your staff to find your cyber security benchmark and improve cyber security and phishing awareness with support from Freestyle TS.

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