Our industry focus

To ensure that we deliver the best possible service, it’s important that we understand your company. We’ve learnt what works through years of experience, primarily focused on working with the below industries and our service offering is built around the requirements of businesses like yours!

Legal Industry


We understand your pain points and know you need access to your systems and Case Management Software, in or out of office.

We make this possible by giving you access to your Windows 10 machine wherever you are.

Helping your firm deliver excellent service…..

Through our Windows Virtual Desktop offering, we ensure that the service we provide to you is futureproof and secure.

We make sure that our systems utilise site to site replication, and included within our service is a daily backup schedule. We ensure that your firm has a robust recovery plan. If our service fails, your IT continues to operate due to our built in failover. 

Financial Services Industry


We provide a working environment which enables you to keep on top of your task load, wherever you’re working from.

We have experience of facilitating collaboration between teams, whether you are operating locally or globally.

The most comprehensive compliance portfolio……

Handling sensitive data, is at the heart of your industry. We understand how important security is to you.

Our Managed Service provides centralised desktop management, that helps to reduce risk. Our Modern Desktop Service which includes Microsoft Office 365 makes meeting deadlines easy, while you benefit from added security.

Recruitment Industry


We have experience of working with clients who operate across 55 countries, as well as in nearby Fleet in Hampshire.

It’s easy to switch supplier with us, our step by step processes to ensure the migration is successful.

We help recruitment firms to communicate easily…

Through our Windows Virtual Desktop Service, we include Microsoft Office 365 as standard. This allows our clients to access information and documentation, wherever they are in the world, so they can collaborate in real-time.

Enjoy quick access to Exchange and SharePoint so users can calloborate to meet tight deadlines for their clients. 

Learn more about our IAAS and Virtual Desktop service and check out our Features page for an overview of what we include. You can also see how we support you through our Helpdesk Service

Find out why Cloud Services can help transform your business

Some of our happy customers include

Setting the standard

We understand the requirements of each of the industries we specialise in, and whilst each has their own unique working scenarios, we ensure that the following is in place as standard across our Managed Cloud Service.


By delivering Azure Active Directory Services, we set out unique group policies to control user login. We also ensure Office 365 apps have MFA enabled. 


You want to know you have the best protection available, we have your covered. All our core services are replicated to a secondary location in case of production failure. 


Backups are always important; we deliver backups for every data point within the service. From SharePoint to servers, to file data we can granularly recover your lost data. 


State of the art customised cloud hardware which has security built in at the hardware and firmware layer. Always protected against DDoS and supported by more than 3500 security specialists who safeguard your data. 


Your users demand more every day and remote working is a must. We deliver a Cloud Windows 10 desktop so your users can access your business systems when they need to. No more VPN’s, all your IT in one central place. 


IT costs have become complicated, and supporting your IT has become tiresome right? User requirements scale and your IT can’t, we’ve all seen it. That’s why we deliver a scalable solution for what you need, when you need it… All for a monthly cost. 

Don’t specialise in your industry? We can still help…

We provide Cloud Services to a range of sectors. So, yes, we can definitely help
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