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Microsoft are always looking at ways to improve their Teams App, which results in regular updates. Our Techies have put together the most relevant, to help you make the most of the App!

Make sure to check back here regularly, so you can keep up to date with the latest Teams updates & functionality from our team.

9th August updates

Teams updates – helping to increase your productivity

Find Recordings more easily – Use the search bar to find meeting recordings based on what was said in a call, Teams will show the relevant recordings by using the meeting transcript.

Lock Meetings from Additional Joiners – Minimise distractions once your call has started, by locking the meeting. Those who attempt to join a meeting after it has been locked, will receive a message informing them that the meeting is closed. You can access this feature in the Participant Pane!

Automatically Record– Setting up an important call? As a meeting organiser you can now set your meetings to automatically record in the ‘Meeting Options’ menu.
So, you don’t have to worry about making notes right away, be present and fully focused.

Call Health Check – Got issues during your Teams call, use the Call Health Panel to identify issues and help fix them straight away.

24th March

Facilitate hybrid working with Teams

Microsoft Teams Connect – Create Teams channels with your external contacts, collaborate on shared files and chat in real time. Making it easier for you to access the work you need, from anywhere and meet those important deadlines.
If you are worried about your sensitive data, rest assured that Admin control stays with you. You can designate trusted partner access.

Microsoft PowerPoint Live – Deliver your team presentations with confidence.   

  • View your Slide Notes 
  • Chat  
  • and view other participants, all on one screen.

Presenter View – Choose how you appear on screen to your team, while presenting.

  • Reporter View – shows from the shoulder up
  • Side-by-side – shows your presentation and your video stream side-by-side
  • Standout – super imposes your silhouette onto your shared content

Teams Intelligent Speakers – Create a meeting transcript with smart voice recognition for up to 10 people. Whether they are joining the meeting remotely over Teams, or they are in the meeting room. 

Use the meeting transcript to easily reflect on actions and outputs and put them into practice. 

Live Reactions – Use emojis to add a little personality and encourage your team to get involved.

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