Next level security – with Microsoft Authenticator

Graphics of secure laptop and mobile phone

All businesses should constantly review ways to increase the security of personal and business data.

That’s why we recommend Two-factor authentication. Let’s take a look at how Microsoft Authenticator could enhance the security of your accounts. Giving your users peace of mind when they are logging in.

What is Authenticator?

The Microsoft Authenticator app makes it easy for you to implement Two-factor authentication.

Use the Authenticator app to gain access to all your Microsoft accounts. By using the app you can keep your files and data more secure, by making it harder for anyone else to break into your account.

What is Two Factor Authentication?

Simply put, Two-factor authentication (2FA) means adding an extra step into the process of logging into your account. This extra step could be a code sent to your mobile, or an email with a verification link, to prove that you are who you say you are.

You have the option to select whether you’re asked every time you log in to your accounts. Or you can specify to use Authenticator only after a password change, or when you are logging in from a new device.

So how does it work?

Let’s explore Two-factor authentication with Microsoft Authenticator. There are several ways in which you could enhance your security and get access to the files and data which you need.

  • Get a notification. You need to start by signing into your account. Do this as usual, by entering your username and password. On your mobile phone, open the Microsoft Authenticator app. A notification will then appear. You should then select the ‘Verify Key’.
  • Sign in with a Verification Code. Enter your username and password. Microsoft will then ask for a Verification Code. Open the app and a code will automatically be displayed. You should then input this code to access your account.
  • Gain access using your mobile phone. This works by entering your username and then gaining access with your mobile device, using your fingerprint, face or PIN. No password is required to gain access to your account.

The Microsoft Authenticator app is available for iOS and Android. If you would like to know more. Or need help setting up the app. Please get in touch with us today and our Techies will get you set up.