Our Tech Tips – Making your working day more productive

Tech Tips

Our team are always on the look out for ways to help you interact more effectively with the Technology at your fingertips and ensure that your outputs are that bit more creative and eye-catching.

The Freestyle TS Techies have helped to create this series of Tech Tips. Why not try them all and see how they can make your working day run smoothly?

Look our for new Tips weekly as part of our Tech Tips Tuesday Series across our Social Media channels.

Tech Tip 1: Increase/decrease font size – try the keyboard shortcut

Quickly change your font size by holding down Ctrl + Shift + ‘< ‘ or ‘> ‘.

Tech Tip 2: Minimise all Windows

Click, hold and shake the Window you want to stay open to minimise all other Windows.

Tip 3: Edit a document name while it’s open

Click on the name in the blue bar and edit the document name while its is still open.

Tip 4: Make your tab half screen

Minimise your tab to half screen by holding down the Windows Key and the ⬅ or ➡ arrow.

Tip 5: Change text case

Change the case of your text by pressing
Shift + F3.

Tip 6: Use the Design Tool in PowerPoint

Quickly create beautiful PowerPoint presentations with the Design Tool. Simply insert all your images into the slide and select the auto generated option you like best.

Tip 7: Access your emoji Keyboard.

Add a little personality to your text with emojis. To access the Keyboard press the Windows Key + ‘>’. Keep typing to find more specific emojis.

Tip 8: Insert online videos in PowerPoint

Engage your audience by adding video to your presentations. Insert your videos by following the steps in our video!

Tip 9: Change text positioning in a document

Change where your text sits in a document by using one of the keyboard shortcuts in the video!

Tip 10: Undo/redo text

Use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly undo/redo text.

Get in touch and let us know if you’ve put these Tech Tips into practice and make sure you keep updated on our Twitter & LinkedIn!

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