What are the Powerful Benefits of IT Support?

Outsourcing IT Support

Outsourcing technical IT support services is a common practice for businesses across a wide range of verticals and industries. Employing a managed service provider for your IT systems saves your organisation time and money, and protects your computer systems and valuable data against cyber threats in a way most businesses could not achieve with an in-house team without a substantial IT budget.

In this blog, we look at the key benefits of employing an IT support service, and why so many businesses rely on external IT support services to help run their business safely and securely every day.

A cost-effective way to run your business IT services

One of the key benefits of IT support from an external company is the reduction in front end and overhead costs. Your IT service provider comes fully equipped with licensed software and hardware for you to use which would require a significant financial outlay if you were to buy it yourself. The maintenance and updating of said programs and wares will also be their responsibility, and they are likely to adopt new technology designed to support their and your business needs as it becomes available.

Your expert IT support company will hire experienced specialists to provide professional customer service to your staff members, meaning a reduced in-house staffing outlay to keep your business running smoothly and your digital infrastructure intact.

Expert cyber security services

External IT support services will be up to date with modern cyber security techniques and the latest tech to help protect your internal systems and sensitive data, stopping hackers and other cyber criminals from gaining access to your IT systems, and your data. Cyber security managed services can ensure your business is fully compliant with your industry requirements, and that it remains safe from phishing, malware, DDOS, password, and other forms of cyber attack. Find out more about Freestyle TS cyber security services for local businesses in the Fleet, Hampshire & Berkshire regions. 

24/7 IT Support & Comprehensive monitoring

Your outsourced IT support services should offer 24/7 comprehensive monitoring, with a human element as well as automated systems. These constant surveillance systems are designed to pick up on the first sign of malicious activity, outages, failures, or other issues with your IT services as they happen, to help minimise any negative impact and return your in-house business functions to normal as quickly as possible.

Disaster recovery

Another key element of your technical IT support services is disaster recovery. This involves regaining access and the return to full use of your critical infrastructure after a major event such as a natural disaster, flood, fire, or cyber attack. Every company should have a disaster recovery plan tailored to the needs of the business and with key responsibilities set out. Your IT services provider will be key in this recovery, as they should hold back ups of your systems and data recovery processes and have the specialist skills to help you get back up and running as soon as possible.

Improve internal efficiency and keep talent focused

Unless an unusually large budget is available to your IT department to keep everything in-house, it is common for your staff to take on IT tasks that are not part of their role and would otherwise be carried out by a managed IT support provider.

This means an interruption to their work and time away from their key focus, reducing efficiency and productivity. This time is usually not accounted for, and if this interruption is a regular occurrence, it may affect the employee’s ability to meet key business needs. For more on this, read our blog on 8 Reasons why IT support is so important for small businesses.

Flexibility for your IT department

Using an outsourced IT support provider offers flexibility to your IT department in a way in-house services cannot. Your IT agreement can flex and mould to the needs of your business as it grows. Busy periods can be catered for without the need to employ new staff, and extra services can be added as and when required. The ability of managed IT services to fulfil so many roles in a cost-efficient manner and still offer a high level of flexibility is one of the key attractions for many businesses.

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