7 Signs of a Good IT Support Solution

With so many support companies in the market, looking for good IT support services can be a time-consuming task. Every IT support company has a different way of working, some which will fit your company well, some which may not. Here we look at seven signs of a great tech support team who should be able to offer you a support service designed around the needs of your organisation.

A clear SLA explaining what you can expect from your IT support services

It is not uncommon to be offered an IT support company SLA which is complex and does not quite explain what you are getting as part of your service level agreement. Entering an agreement without a full understanding can lead to significant issues later on, so make sure you choose an IT support service which offers a clear and structured SLA that allows you to fully understand the level of service you can expect and support you will receive should anything go wrong.

24-hour technical support services

Managed IT doesn’t stop at 5pm and neither should your IT support services. Look for a support company that offer round-the-clock monitoring and services for tech support including cyber security and outages.

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Local IT Support

While there are many IT support companies out there, there is unique value in hiring a local IT company due to their ability to provide onsite services. While many tech support issues can be fixed remotely, there can be a real benefit in hiring an IT company who can visit your premises when required or where you can meet the IT technicians who will be supporting your team.

A dedicated technical support team member or engineer

A good IT support company will have customer relationship management at its core. Your support provider should be able to offer you a dedicated member of their IT team with the right level of technical expertise to take your support calls, manage your support requests and deliver continually great customer service as your business grows.

Review their levels of customer satisfaction

One of the key components of a good service provider is their reputation. Read testimonials and case studies from current and recent clients to get a view of how this IT company operates and what their customers think of them. There are many ways to do this but you could start with Google reviews, Trustpilot and G2.

Great communication

How a tech support company communicates can say a lot about the way they operate and will be a major factor in how they handle any issues arising in your IT systems. Look for an IT company who are proactive, not reactive, and who have agreed a fast response and great comms from the outset. An IT support company that assign a dedicated technician should you need assistance, is always a good sign.

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Regular tech support reviews

As your business grows your needs may change, and your tech support services need to be able to keep up to ensure a cost effective and efficient service. Ensure your IT support services check in regularly to ensure you are getting the most from your IT support solution.

Proactive, Local IT Support in Fleet for Small Businesses

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