What is Azure Virtual Desktop? | A Complete Guide

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As hybrid working and remote working have become more and more common in the UK, virtual desktops have also seen an increase in popularity. You may have previously heard of remote desktop services but unfamiliar with what they actually are. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what they are, as well as take a closer look at the benefits of using Azure Virtual Desktop for businesses.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

A virtual desktop describes a full desktop experience that can run on a remote server. This allows you to access that computer on multiple devices as long as you have everything set up correctly. This can be done with programs such as Microsoft Azure Virtual or a different Windows server.

Benefits of Using Windows Virtual Desktop

The Azure Virtual Desktop client comes with a range of features that can help benefit your organisation. The main benefits of a virtual desktop are; 

Your Staff Can Work Remotely

Sometimes your team may need to work from home or from another location or while they are travelling to meetings and it’s important that they have the same user experience wherever they are. This experience will be the same as if you are using a local desktop, but you have the flexibility to be on the move and still have remote access to all your relevant work files and data.

Security management made simple

As a growing business, there will be more employees involved that require access to information and data, which means security becomes more of a concern. For example, contractors or part-time staff could need access to sensitive files that needs to be handled responsibly. Azure virtual machines let you provide information in a controlled and secure way to make sure you have a secure remote desktop experience.

Multiple PC Types for Different Teams Within the Business

Different teams of your business could require you to deploy Azure Virtual Desktop and with this, you have the freedom to allow users to only access the apps and information they need to do their job. They won’t need to see information that is not relevant, and you can provide them with the computing power necessary for their tasks.

PCs are Needed on Occasion

Save money using Azure Virtual Desktop resources! Forget about wasting on setting up several PCs when your employees don’t need a dedicated PC. With an Azure virtual machine, it is possible to deploy virtual PCs as and when you need them. As this changes, you can add or remove desktops accordingly to match the requirements of your team.


What makes Azure Virtual Desktop different?

Historically, virtual desktop sessions were a lot more complicated and expensive. This proved to be a challenge when it came to the setup and management. As well as this, a large server infrastructure was required in order to effectively run these virtual desktops which most small and medium businesses just didn’t have the resources available to manage this in-house. With Azure however, this has become a lot more accessible to all businesses.
Here are some more ways that Azure Virtual Desktop is different to its competitors.


The Azure Portal allows you to deploy and manage virtual desktops and apps, as well as assign users and even gain access to monitoring and diagnostics. This single interface makes customisability all the more convenient.


As with other Microsoft Cloud Services, there is no need for contractual commitments with Azure Virtual Desktop. This is great as it is a lot more flexible than other options, allowing you to give employees an entire desktop experience, or just limit them to a few apps.

Easy scalability

Setting up the Windows 10 or 11 desktop experience with Azure is quick and efficient. The number of virtual desktops you use, depending on your workforce requirements, can be easily increased or decreased for convenience. Azure Virtual Desktop work is now easier than ever.

Cost efficiency

You can benefit from reduced costs and save money, as you only need to pay for virtual servers when your Azure Virtual Desktops are on.

So What’s the Cost?

Pricing can vary, depending on the type of package you wish to choose. Our cloud and Azure Virtual Desktop experts have created plans accordingly to your specific business needs. You may have choices such as a basic plan, a managed plan, a bespoke plan, or an IAAS only plan.
But what do these options actually mean?


A basic plan can cost around £30 a month per user, excluding VAT. This plan is perfect for businesses who want to bring their own user licensing and for those that use Cloud applications only.
Features include a free cloud assessment, user authentication, backup & disaster recovery, as well as excellent UK helpdesk support.


A managed plan costs around £62 a month per user, excluding VAT. This plan is more suited for those businesses that want a completely managed service.
This includes excellent features such as Microsoft licensing, SharePoint, desktop anti-virus and email filtering services, as well as all the previous basic plan benefits.


Our bespoke plan prices can vary, so we encourage users to contact us. This plan is great for businesses looking to move to virtual desktops, but need to migrate their line of business apps and data to the cloud.
Features include everything from the previous plans, plus app servers, SQL servers, app data, file data and reliable data backups. If you’re interested in finding out more about a bespoke plan, speak to the experts at Freestyle TS.


Our IAAS prices can also vary, where contacting us is an ideal way to find out your business needs and negotiate an excellent deal with you. This plan is great for businesses who also want to migrate their line of business apps/data to the Cloud, and use their existing desktop infrastructure.
Features include all of the previously mentioned and more! Speak to one of our Cloud & Virtual Desktop experts at Freestyle TS to discuss your business needs today.

Learn about Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop with Freestyle TS

We provide IT support and an excellent virtual desktop infrastructure where users can business teams can use remote apps on multiple devices. We help provide excellent Azure services including cloud and virtual desktop.
Deploying Azure Virtual desktop has never been easier. Find out more about how we can help setup your virtual desktop service with Microsoft Azure! For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.