Your Complete Guide to Virtual Desktop

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As more of us expect hybrid and remote working to become a permanent part of our lives, so the need for a robust solution, ensuring that you can stay productive and protected from cyber threats, is becoming more vital. So, what is the answer? Introducing… the Virtual Desktop!

So…what is a Virtual Desktop?

A Virtual Desktop is essentially your desktop service, running completely in Microsoft Azure (the Cloud). For an end-user this means that your whole desktop environment (Microsoft 365, Office Apps, folders, icons etc.) are stored remotely in the Cloud, rather than locally on your PC.

How could a Virtual Desktop work for me?

  • Achieve a truly consistent user experience from the office to your home, or wherever you’re working. Boost productivity in your working day.
  • Access your files and apps easily, from anywhere. Whether you’re managing your inbox with Outlook, sharing files on OneDrive, or collaborating with colleagues in Teams. 
  • Eliminate compatibility issues that may have been slowing you down. Work from a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile and still enjoy a standardised view and Windows functionality. 

What about my IT Security?

Boost your IT security by migrating your Desktop to the Cloud. So, you can work with confidence, on any device.

  • Azure – Our Cloud Provider, Microsoft Azure, are industry leaders in security. They hold over 90 compliance certifications and invest $1b annually on security, to protect your data. So, you can gain peace of mind that your data is safe in one of Microsoft’s state of the art datacentres.
  • Centralised data – Working from a Desktop, hosted in the Cloud, means that you will never have to save confidential business files and data locally to your machine. Therefore, minimising the risk of data leaks or security breaches if a device was lost or stolen.

How do I keep control of a Cloud Hosted Desktop?

Like all of our Cloud Services, it is important to us that you remain in control of your data. Virtual Desktop gives you that control. Our Cloud Packages are priced per user, making it easy for you to predict spend and control your monthly budget.

  • Management – Streamline your IT management and save time by deploying your updates to all machines at once. Also, easily scale your business by quickly making changes such as increasing/decreasing server capacity, as you need to.

If you like the sound of Virtual Desktop, then take a look at our Virtual Desktop page for more information. Or get in touch about our 48 hour Free Trial.