5 Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

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Since the pandemic, working from home has become a much more popular working model in the UK. For some, this may be full time and for others, it can be a hybrid working model.

In the modern age of technology, there still remains one key top priority; security. A great way of introducing data security to your workforce is by incorporating virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

What is Virtual Desktop?

A virtual desktop functions almost the same as a regular desktop operating system, except you are accessing this over the internet. This uses virtual desktop images as if you were using the real device. Multiple endpoint devices can be used to access a virtual desktop, including a tablet, mobile phone and laptop.

Using a virtual machine can still offer you the same benefits as if you were using the computer regularly including the same hardware, operating system and processing power. Making this available via the cloud can benefit the entire workforce, as everyone can access virtual desktops, rather than just one user.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Desktops?

There are several benefits of VDI in the workplace that you may be unaware of. We’ll discuss our top 5 and explain why below.

1. Security

Unlike a regular working environment on a standard desktop, all data is stored securely in a data centre. You no longer need to worry about devices being stolen, lost or damaged. When your virtual desktop is shut down, temporary files are also removed, preventing malware and viruses.


2. More cost efficient

Moving to a virtual desktop eliminates the need for expensive equipment, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop. Most of the computing is cloud-based and so what device you use to access the virtual desktop is not relevant. Should you need a new device to access your virtual desktop, it would not need super high specifications to carry out day-to-day work. Not having to manage many individual computers can be a lot more convenient as you won’t need to worry about maintenance costs or components going wrong etc.

3. Easy to manage

Virtual desktops can easily be managed by an IT provider, both internally and externally. These virtual desktops can also be managed from a central server. One of the biggest benefits of virtual desktops is that there is no need for updates and new app installations on multiple devices. Instead, these can be done when it is most convenient and all at the same time if necessary. Users can instead benefit from having the latest software with the most recent updates.

4. Storage & scalability

Using a virtual desktop environment that’s cloud-based means that it’s easier to add devices to your virtual network. As your business scales, you will need more staff which in turn requires you to buy more devices. You will easily be able to increase the number of desktops with a VDI platform, regardless of where the staff are located. Storage space is also not nearly as much of an issue, where the cloud offers you much larger storage space for apps and files than if you were to use a hard drive.

5. Accessible from any location

With desktop virtualisation, you don’t need to worry about needing one specific device to access all your applications, files and data. Instead, this can be done through any device that’s set up with the virtual desktop. Being able to take Word documents and Excel spreadsheets on the go with any device is very convenient and offers a stress-free solution to work while travelling also. Forget about needing to do backups to safely store your files, just log in to your device and you’re set!

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