Cloud & Azure Virtual Desktop Features

Modern businesses need to be agile, proactive, and lean, especially now many businesses are functioning within a hybrid working environment.

At Freestyle TS, we provide cloud services for medium to small businesses in Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire and the surrounding areas. We remove the need for cumbersome on-premises hardware, helping to deliver a better experience for all using modern cloud infrastructure solutions.

Everything which you perceive to be complicated about IT, we help simplify. 

*All for a monthly fee with no setup charges

Firstly, what is infrastructure as a service? 

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) simply means we provision your IT infrastructure to you as a service via the Cloud. It allows you to reduce your capital expenditure and say goodbye to the days of hosting your own physical hardware onsite. No renewals, no hardware maintenance, and it provides the foundation you need for a full Virtual Desktop experience.

More businesses are opting for streamlined IAAS services, including Virtual Desktop, to provide more efficiency and consistency for their business, and Freestyle TS is here to help with that.

So, what is a Virtual Desktop?

When we talk about Virtual Desktops, we mean your Windows desktop running completely from the Cloud. Cloud infrastructure solutions make it simple and easy to access your usual Windows setup. It means anybody connected to your network can work anywhere in the world without disrupting their user experience or having difficulties working on different systems and with other capabilities or system requirements.

A Virtual Desktop means no need to save links, remember favourites or sync files. Everything is already in place. Find out more about the advantages of a Virtual Desktop.

Why do we bring both technologies together?

IAAS is the power behind your business applications and data. We complement this by leveraging our Virtual Desktop as the overlaying user experience. It ensures a consistent user experience for everyone in the office or remotely.

With Freestyle TS, the transition between office and home, and desktop and laptop is seamless. No need for user VPNs or bulky hardware. Everything is virtually managed and maintained making it easier to work in a hybrid environment.

And why should my business consider the Cloud?

Cost savings, increased security, and better scalability are just a few reasons many businesses are moving to Virtual Desktops.

With our Azure managed services, it could not be easier to get set up quickly and benefit from your regular Microsoft set-up wherever you are working from. Learn more about cloud services with Freestyle TS.

Want to get straight to it? Check out the Features included within our Windows 10 Virtual Desktop service.
Or, find our more about our Free Cloud Assessment and our Cloud Migration Process.

Our service is powered by

Our Virtual Desktop feature set


We deliver dual synchronised domain controllers for user authentication, and a scalable desktop host pool with built in load balancing as standard. 


We can provide one or multiple images depending on how you want your Windows 10 desktop to look and feel. Create consistency with one image companywide or give each department the required apps.


Once we deploy your image, we create your user profile container. This is where your users can customise their desktop. Every time they log in, it’s the same, no matter what device or where they log in from.


We build redundancy in every layer of our service. This includes providing daily backups and replicating core services at a secondary data centre. This ensures quick recovery in the event of disaster.


We don’t compromise on your current Microsoft application setup. Our service includes all Office 365 features as standard. This includes Exchange Online, SharePoint, and business apps for desktop.


We believe it’s important to back up your Office 365 data. This includes Exchange, SharePoint & OneDrive. We run daily backups providing unlimited data retention and granular data recovery.


Even though your service might be in the Cloud, we still deliver cutting-edge Anti-Virus. We push this out across all Cloud servers and Cloud desktops. It keeps you and your users safe.


Just like Anti-Virus, another key layer to protecting your business is enabling email filtering. Email filtering ensures emails are filtered before they reach your inbox – reducing the risk of ransomware.


We know your business might have specialist apps, such as case management, CRMs, Finance, etc. We can help migrate these into the Cloud for maximum performance. Many apps synchronise or embed easily with Azure for easy access to your usual setup.


If you’re used to having a file hierarchy based on a traditional file server, not a problem. We can deliver mapped network drives within your Virtual Desktop and scale the capacity when you need it.


Connectivity is key, and your business relies on it. Our Cloud service can work over Fibre, Leased Line, Wireless, 4G & 5G. A power failure doesn’t mean you have to stop working.


Our IT helpdesk services continuously monitor and maintains our Cloud platform, ensuring you get the best IT experience. They are also the first point of call should your users need some assistance. Find out more about our IT support for small businesses.

What we include as part of our IAAS service


We build our Microsoft Cloud Services based on what your needs are right now. Leveraging the Cloud means you pay for what you use. There is no need to overprovision, so if you grow, we can scale your cloud infrastructure services in line with this.


As a standard, we always implement backups into our service. Cloud backup services are either within the same location or cross location. Levels of replication are built-in to get you back up and running if there is a failure.


IT costs over the past few years have spiralled. With a host of maintenance renewals, capital costs and monthly software renewals, it’s hard to control. That’s why we have consolidated our services into one monthly price.

Check the industries we specilaise in. If your industry isn’t listed, speak to a member of the team to find out more.  talk to us. Our services are transferable to all types of organisations.

Add ons to enhance your service


Connectivity is a lifeline for every business. If you have an office space, we can help you understand what’s available. We can then set up your connectivity and wireless.


Networking is at the centre of every business. We can deliver a network based on your requirements, with multi-layers of security. Our solutions are aligned with our Cloud Services.


We provide hosted telephony for a per-user cost per month. We bundle your minutes and give you full access to office telephony when you’re not at your desk.


It’s important to demonstrate that your business follows certain standards. We can help you progress through Cyber Essentials and earn your certification. Learn more about our Cyber Security Services. Learn more.

*Terms of Agreement are based on a 36 month contract which qualifies for free setup

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