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Technology can be prone to all sorts of issues such as cyber security threats and malicious activity, slowing down your work efficiency and causing problems to your business. Overtime, these repeat attacks can hinder your business growth and can become a huge issue if not diagnosed and taken care of.

We especially understand the importance of keeping your systems online and functional during business hours.

 How Our Support Package Helps You

Finding a reliable IT support company for your business can feel very daunting and you might not know the criteria of how to find the best partner.

We’re running an exclusive offer to all new customers when you sign up to our IT support and services, you’ll receive the first 3 months FREE. If your business is in need of proactive support and advice on cyber security, cloud technology and expert technical support as problems arise – then sign up to today & try it for yourself!

So, what benefits will you receive by signing up to our IT Support?

 Experienced Technicians

With over 20-years’ experience in the industry, your business can have peace of mind that any problems that should arise will be picked up by our experienced team of technicians on-hand to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, with little to no downtime.

 Reliable & Flexible Remote Support

As an IT support provider, there’s no limit to the number of services we can provide you. Should you need help with any IT issues, we offer UK-based remote support to ensure we respond to you promptly. Unlike other companies that will charge hidden costs that you aren’t expecting, we lay out all the information from the beginning so you can feel comfortable knowing what’s included in your package & with the first 3 months free, why not try it for yourself!

Proactive Service

Freestyle TS offers a proactive service where we anticipate your IT support needs and can accommodate them quickly and efficiently. This covers any hardware or software issues you may have, as well as being readily available for quick contact should unexpected issues arise. We will also offer clear roadmaps along the way to provide you with an in-depth overview of what to expect from us and how we will work to support you.

Personal & Customised IT Support

UK-based customers can take advantage of personalised and customised IT support. You won’t need to worry about talking to a bot, instead you will always be in contact with a highly specialised member of our friendly, approachable team.

Take the stress out of IT issues, with the efficiency of our team we’re equipped with all the best methods of diagnosing and treating any technical issues you are experiencing to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Don’t waste any more of your precious time fixing IT issues, let us do that for you!

Speak to the team today to find out more about how you can get your first 3 months FREE when you choose Freestyle TS as your IT support partner! To get started, contact us via our Live Chat, call us on 01256 760922 or fill out the form below.