Virtual Desktops – the future of IT?

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With the IT landscape ever changing it’s hard to stay on top of what’s new.

One of the most recent developments in the IT sector is Microsoft Azure, launching the Windows Virtual Desktops. Which have already been adopted by many forward-thinking businesses worldwide. But what are they?

What is a Windows Virtual Desktop?

A Windows Virtual Desktop is essentially your desktop service, running completely in Microsoft Azure (the Cloud).

For an end-user, this means that your whole desktop environment (Office 365, folders, icons etc) are stored remotely in the cloud, rather than being stored locally on your PC. Meaning you can access your entire desktop, from anywhere, on any device (windows, mac, ios and android).

What are the advantages for my business?

There are many advantages to the Windows Virtual Desktop Solution, just some of them include:

Increased Security

Windows Virtual Desktops offer enhanced security, on the basis that that all data is stored centrally, in one of Microsoft’s state of the art datacentres and never saved to the user’s device. Therefore, reducing the security risks if a device was to be lost or stolen. Specifically, with Windows Virtual Desktops all users are automatically updated to the latest version of software increasing the security as Cyber Attacks are less likely become an issue.

All of this is of course added on top of the fact that Microsoft Azure invest $1b per annum on security. Meaning they offer unrivalled levels of security and have more security certifications than any other technology provider on the market. Making them the best choice if security is a priority for you.

Easier Scalability and Flexibility

Employees can work from anywhere in the world with no limitations on access to apps, collaboration or speed. Allowing your business to gain complete flexibility. The Windows Virtual Desktop also makes changes such as increasing/decreasing server capacity and setting up new users easier than ever before. Meaning you can respond quickly to your business changes.

Time and money savings

The main advantage of using a Virtual Desktop, is the elimination of unnecessary expenditure on hardware such as on site servers, which are no longer needed due to the desktops being completely Cloud hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Another advantage is the time-saving element of using a Virtual Desktop, we have already mentioned setting up new users is made simpler and quicker, but also the time spent on the upkeep of systems is much lower because changes can be centralised and deployed to all machines at once.

With all of these advantages to businesses, it is easy to see why Windows Virtual Desktops have been growing in trend across the IT sector.

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