Advantages of Virtual Desktop for your business


As we all navigate the new way of working, it’s never been more important to have all your Office apps and files accessible, from anywhere, on demand. What is the best solution for your team?

Virtual Desktop provides the answer

With Windows Virtual Desktop everything you’d expect to see on your desktop, is available anywhere, on any device.

Your entire desktop environment (Office 365, apps and files) is stored in a data centre, rather than locally on your PC. Meaning you can access your entire desktop, from anywhere, on any device (Windows, Mac, iOS or Android). Manage your inbox with Outlook, share files on OneDrive or collaborate with colleagues on Microsoft Teams

Just some advantages of Virtual Desktop …

Security is top priority

Centrally stored data, in one of Microsoft’s state of the art datacentres and never saved to the user’s device, this gives you:

  • Reduced security risk if a device is lost or stolen.
  • Increased protection against Cyber Attacks security through automatically updated software

Microsoft Azure invest $1b annually on security. Meaning they offer unrivalled levels of security and have more security certifications than any other technology provider.

Scalability and Flexibility

With Virtual Desktop your team can work from anywhere in the world. The best bit? There’s no limitations on access to apps, collaboration or speed. Allowing your business to gain complete flexibility.

Increasing, or decreasing server capacity and setting up new users is easier than ever before. Meaning you can respond quickly to meet specific needs.

Save time and reduce costs

With desktops completely Cloud hosted, you can eliminate additional spending on hardware, such as onsite servers.

Centralised changes are deployed to all machines at once, saving you time that can be devoted to running your company and looking after your clients.

Enhanced conferencing and media experience

During Lockdown, we’ve all discovered the benefits of engaging remotely. Microsoft Teams gives you high performance, low latency video calling.

Reviewing all the advantages of Virtual Desktops, it’s not difficult to see why this solution is one of the fastest growing trends  of 2020.

Here’s a short video to show you more. Learn more about Virtual Desktops.

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